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UX Design for Young Kids’ Apps

Read Full Article: Designing Experiences for Young Kids by Avi Itzkovitch

Kids are curious and eager to explore. They tend to touch everything they see on the screen and notice things adults sometimes miss. They don’t experience banner blindness. So obviously, UX design for young kids’ apps is different.When designing for kids we must realize that banners link to pages toddlers cannot return from, and pressing ‘like’ takes them out of the app and into to a browser with the Facebook page.

A Childproof Navigational Interface

“Create a ‘childproof’ navigation interface to prevent children accidentally brushing or touching the menu while using the application. Design menu access for the parent only.”

Gestures for Young Kids

“Sometimes a swipe gesture is used to flip the page in interactive storybooks, but for young children trying to interact with the story, flipping the page may not be what they’re trying to do. Avoid any sensitive triggers when designing for young kids.”

Consider the Device
  • “Invoking accelerometer triggers as means to create interaction for kids should be avoided, as children don’t have a strong grip and tend to drop things.”
  • “Apps for kids should allow multi-touch for a more enjoyable experience.”
  • “Don’t replace large, colorful buttons and appealing intuitive controls with a generic design that children cannot relate to.”


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