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Today I learned…

…The reason why Medium and Youtube has a loading bar underneath the browser toolbar. Many websites don’t load asynchronously. Most of the site’s assets load after the initial page load, so without the additional loading bar it may seem like the page is stuck. It would be nicer if the browser’s loading bar can display this though. Anyway, nice UI.

Medium Loading Bar

…That it doesn’t matter if a design is “hipster” or not. What matters is, does it work for the clients? Does it solve their problems? Does it help them promote their products/services effectively? If it does, then the job’s done. Don’t disregard a design just because it contains crossed objects or badges.

…How to make a “stamp” effect with CSS and JS.

…That people don’t buy the hole when they buy the drill. What does the hole do? Maybe it helps them hang their family pictures or gives them extra storage. It makes them smile. It makes their life easier. This should be the focus of a drill commercial: the user experience. People tend to only list the immediate advantages of their product/service, but what’s really important is the causes of the causes.

 The decade-long evolution from Design to design thinking to democratized design to designer-founders has been lightening-fast in Darwinian terms.

– By Tim Brown / CEO at IDEO.

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